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The Jack Kirby comic collection on 7 DVDs


The Jack Kirby comic collection on 7 DVDs

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This set includes the following:

Jack Kirby 100th Celebration Collection
Bug! The Adventures of Forager 1-6
Mister Miracle 2017 1-present
The Kamandi Challenge 1-12
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1-present
Captain_Victory_and_the_Galactic_Rangers 1-6
Infinity_Man_and_the_Forever_People 1-9 + future’s end issue
Adventures of the Fly 1-39
Super Heroes Versus Super Villains 1 ctc (1966) Fly man app.
Boy Commandos 1-36
Captain Victory 1-13
Captain Victory Special
Devil Dinosaur 1-9
Devil Dinosaur Marvel Monsters
Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling Special
Godzilla 21-22 (Devil dinosaur vs. Godzilla)
Jack Kirby Quarterly 10-12,15
Jack Kirby’s Satan s Six 1-4
Jack Kirby Secret City Saga 0-4
kirby’s demon v1 1-16
kirby’s demon v2 1-4
kirby’s demon v3 0-58 + annuals 1-2
Blood of the Demon 1-17
Demon Knights 1-12
The Demon – Driven Out 1-6
Batman & Demon-A Tragedy
Batman & Demon
Lobo & Demon – Helloween
OMAC v1 1-8
OMAC v2 1-4
OMAC v3 1-8
OMAC v4 1-8
OMAC project 1-6
OMAC Project – Infinite Crisis Special
Jack Kirby collector 1-63,68-70
kamandi 1-61 (60-61 are unpublished stories)
Kamandi At Earths End 1-6
Wednesday Comics Kamandi
Eternals v1 1-19 + annual 1
Eternals v2 1-12
Eternals v3 1-7 + Sketchbook
Eternals v4 1-9 + annuals 08,09
Eternals – The Herod Factor
Eternals 2000 – New_Eternals – Apocalypse Now
The Eternal 1-6
Thor-Eternal saga
Thor – The Deviants Saga 1-5
Blackwulf 1-10
Fighting American v1 1-6 + 60 pgs 1966 Harvey comics special
Fighting American v2 1-6
Fighting American v3 1-2
Fighting American-Rules of the Game 1-3
Fighting American-Rules of the Game 1-3
Fighting American Hardcover (Marvel(1989)
Fighting American, The-Special Comicon Edition (1997)
Fighting American Awesome Holiday Special (Awesome(1997)
Jack Kirby’s Silver Star 1-6
Jack Kirby’s-Galactic Bounty Hunters-1-6
Justice Inc 1-4
Kirby – Genesis 0-8
Kirby Genesis – Captain Victory 1-6
Kirby Genesis – Dragonsbane 1-3
Kirby Genesis Silver Star 1-6
Kobra 1-7
JACK KIRBY – Spirit_World
JACK KIRBY – Thrills Of Tomorrow
Jack Kirby Bombast
Jack Kirby Captain Glory
Jack Kirby Masterworks(Privateer Press)(1979)
Jack Kirby Night Glider
KIRBY – Captain 3-D
Kirby_Portfolio 1971
Orbit Jack Kirby
The Comic Art Tribute To Joe Simon And Jack Kirby
WEIRD mystery tales
Sandman 1-6
New Gods v1 1-19
New Gods v2 1-28
New Gods v3 1-15
Mister Miracle V1 1-25
Mister Miracle V2 1-28
Mister Miracle V3 1-7
Forever People V1 1-11
Forever People V2 1-6
Genesis 1-4
Archive Edition – Death of the New Gods (2008)
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World 1-20
Orion 1-25
Jack Kirby – The Hunger Dogs
Superman – The Dark Side TPB
1989.12.Apokolips Sourcebook
Amalgam – Thorion of the New Asgods
Darkseid Villains
Superman vs. Darkseid – Apokolips Now
Underworld Unleashed – Apokolips Dark Uprising
X-Men and Teen Titans (1982)
Radioactive Man v2 9
New Gods Secret Files
Fourth World Gallery, The-Jack Kirby (1996)
1st Issue Special 13-Return of New Gods (1976)
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 133-148
Takion (1995-1996) 1-7
Challengers of the Unknown v1 1-87
Challengers of the Unknown v2 1-8
Challengers of the Unknown v3 1-18
Challengers of the Unknown v4 1-6
DC Universe Presents 6-8 (2012) Challengers of the Unknown app.
Star Spangled Comics 1-64
Guardians of metropolis 1-4
Seven Soldiers – Guardian
Adventure Comics Special Featuring The Guardian
+ a lot more!!!!

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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