Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes the ultimate Digital set collection on 13 DVDs

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Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes the ultimate Digital set collection on 13 DVDs

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This set includes the following:

New Comics 1-11
New adventure comics 12-31
Adventure comics 0,33-529
Adventure comics v2 1999 1
Adventure comics 80 page giant
Adventure comics featuring the Guardian 1
Amethyst v3 1-4
Cosmic boy 1-4
The complete Final night event vol 1-2
Karate kid 1-15
Legion of Super-heroes v1 1-4
Legion of Super-heroes v2 259-313 + annuals 1-3
Legion of Super-heroes v3 1-63 annuals 1-4
Legion of Super-heroes v4 0-125, 1 million + annuals 1-7
Legion of Super-heroes v5 1-50
Legion of Super-heroes v6 1-16 + annual 1
Legion of Super-heroes v7 1-11
Legion of Super-heroes index 1-5
L.E.G.I.O.N 1-70 + ANNUALS 1-5
Legends of the legion 1-4
Legion lost v1 1-12
Legion lost v2 1-11
Legion of 3 worlds 1-5
The Legion of Super-heroes in the 31st century 1-20
Legion worlds 1-6
Legion Science police 1-4
Legion secret origin 1
Star trek and the Legion 1-6
Superboy starring the Legion of Super-heroes 172-258
Superboy’s legion 1-2
Superman and the Legion of Super-heroes
Superman plus the Legion of Super-heroes
Tales of the Legion of Super-heroes 314-325
the Legion 1-38
Teen titans and the Legion special + Teen titans 16
Titans and the Legion of super-heroes: Universe ablaze 1-4
Who’s who in the Legion of Super-heroes 1-7
Amazing world of DC comics 9
Guide to the DC universe 2001-2002 secret files & origins
Legion of substitute heroes special
Legion vs JLA
the Legion of Super-heroes secret files & origins 1-2
the Legion of Super-villains 1
Best of the Legion outpost
Sovereign seven plus the Legion of Super-heroes
The Legion secret files 3003
Legionnaires 0-81, 1 million + annuals 1-3
Legionnaires 3 1-4
Lobo v1 1-4
Lobo v2 0-64, 1 million + annuals 1-3
Lobo a contract on Gawd 1-4
Batman/Lobo deadly serious 1-2
Batman vs Lobo
Hitman/Lobo that stupid bastich!
Lobo big babe spring break
Lobo blazing chain of love
Lobo bounty hunting for funand profit
Lobo chained
Lobo convention special
Lobo fragtastic voyage
Lobo portraits of a bastich
Lobo goes hollywood
Lobo I quit
Lobo in the chair
Lobo paramilitary xmas special
Lobo portrait of a victim
Lobo the duck
Lobo the wisdom of Lobo
Lobo & Deadman the brave and the bald
Lobo/Demon Helloween
Lobo death and taxes 1-4
Lobo highway to hell 1-2
Lobo infanticide 1-4
Lobo and the Mask 1-2
Lobo unamerican gladiators 1-4
Lobo vs Authority 1-2
Lobo vs Dredd
Lobo’s back 1-4
Lobo unbound 1-6
Weird worlds v1 1-9
Weird worlds v2 1-6
More fun comics 52-93, 95-107 (issues 101-107 had Superboy appearances)
Omega men v1 1-38 + annuals 1-2 (Lobo’s first appearance in issue #3)
Omega men v2 1-6
R.E.B.E.L.S v1 0-17
R.E.B.E.L.S v2 1-28
Superboy v1 1-196
Superboy v2 1-22 + special
Superboy v3 0-100 + annuals 1-4
Superboy v4 1-11
Superboy v5 1-26
New adventures of Superboy 1-54
Smallville 1-11 + special (2002)
Superboy and the Ravers 1-19
100 page superspectacular DC-15 Superboy
Superboy spectacular
Best of DC 15 blue ribbon digest Superboy
Superboy & Risk double shot
Superboy plus 1-2
Superboy & Robin WF3 1-2
Supergirl v1 1-10
Supergirl v2 1-23
Supergirl v3 1-4
Supergirl v4 1-80 + annuals 1-2
Supergirl v5 0-67 + annuals 1-2
Supergirl v6 1-26
Supergirl Cosmic adventures in the 8th grade 1-6
Superman/Supergirl Maelstrom 1-5
Supergirl movie adaptation
Supergirl plus 1
Supergirl & Prysm double shot
Supergirl and Team Luthor
Best of DC digest 17 Supergirl
Honda presents Supergirl
Super DC giant s-24 Supergirl
Timber wolf 1-5
Valor 1-23
Eclipso the Darkness within 1-2
The Wanderers 1-13
Showcase ’95 1-12
Showcase ’96 1-12
Secret origins 8,25,37,42,46-47,49
Smallville season 11 1-69
Resurrection Man v1 1-27 + one million
Resurrection Man v2 1-11
+ more

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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