The Doctor Strange comic collection on 5 DVDs

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The Doctor Strange comic collection on 5 DVDs

This set includes:

Strange Academy 1-present
Doctor Strange – The End
Dr. Strange – Surgeon Supreme 1-6
Doctor_Strange 2018 1-20 + annual
Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme 1-12
Doctor Strange – Damnation 1-3
Doctor_Strange 380-390
Doctor_Strange_(2015) 1-26
Marvel Masterworks – Doctor_Strange 1-8
Doctor Strange v1 169-183
Doctor Strange v2 1-81
Doctor Strange v3 1-90 + annuals 1-4
Strange Tales v1 110-168
Strange Tales v2 1-19
Strange 1-4
Doctor Strange – The Oath 1-5
Marvel Premiere 3-14 (Strange apps)
Dr Strange Classics starring Doctor Strange 1-4
Giant-Size Doctor Strange
Marvel Treasury Edition featuring Doctor Strange
Marvel Comics Index v1 6 – Heroes from Strange Tales
Doctor Strange – A Portfolio by Michael Golden
Doctor Strange Silver Dagger
Marvel Comics Presents v1 19,20,44
Alter Ego 73
Doctor Strange What Is It That Disturbs You?
Doctor Strange From the Marvel Vault
Dr. Strange vs Dracula
Dr. Strange/Ghost Rider Special
Dr Strange Into Shamballa
Spider-Man Dr Strange – The Way To Dusty Death
Dr Strange Fate
Marvel Fanfare 5,8
MGN-49-Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom Triumph and Torment
Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange
Over The Edge 2,7
Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange
Nightmare 1-4

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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