The DC Funnies ultimate Digital Comic collection on 4 DVDs


The DC Funnies ultimate Digital Comic collection on 4 DVDs

This set includes:
Ambush Bug 1-4
Ambush Bug-Year None 1-5,7 (there never was an issue #6)
Son of Ambush Bug 1-6
Ambush Bug-Nothing Special
Ambush Bug-Stocking Stuffer
Ambush Bug-Who’s Who Entry 1985.cbr
Angel and the Ape v1 01-06 (1968)
Angel and the Ape v2 01-04 (1991)
Animal Antics 1-51
Captain Carrot 0-20
Captain Carrot and the Final Ark 1-3
Captain Carrot – The Oz-Wonderland Wars 1-3
Comic_Cavalcade 28-63
major bummer 1-15
Young heroes in Love 1-17 + one million
Flippity and Flop 1-47
Fox and the Crow 1-108
Hero hotline 1-6
‘Mazing Man 01-12 + Specials 1-3(1986-1990)
Peter Porkchops 1-62
Stanley and His Monster v1 109-112 (1968)
Stanley and His Monster v2 01-04 (1993)
The Heckler 1-6
Real Screen Comics 1-14,16-20,23-26,28-33,36,38,40,42-45,47-48,50,52-62,64-68,70,72,74,76-77,79-
Sugar & Spike 1-98
Sugar & Spike 099 (DC Silver Age Classics)
Sugar & Spike 100 Page (Best of DC V4 #29) (1982) (c2c).cbr
Best of DC 047 (Sugar and Spike) (1984) (c2c).cbz
Best of DC 068 (Sugar and Spike) (1985) (c2c).cbr
Best of DC Digest v4 029 (1982) (Sugar and Spike).cbr
TV Screen Cartoons 129-138
+ more

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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