The Batman family ultimate Digital Comic collection on DVD


The Batman family ultimate Digital Comic collection on 17 DVDs. Updated weekly!!

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The Batman family ultimate Digital Comic collection on 17 DVDs.

Updated Monthly!!!

This set includes the following:
Catwoman 2018 1-present
The Silencer 1-present
Batgirl rebirth 1-present
Nightwing rebirth 1-present + rebirth
Harley Quinn rebirth 1-present
Super Sons 1-present
Robin, The Boy Wonder – A Celebration of 75 Years
Batgirl – A Celebration of 50 Years
Harley Quinn – A Celebration of 25 Years
Two-Face – A Celebration of 75 Years
Midnighter 1-12
Midnighter and Apollo 1-6
Red Hood & the Outlaws – Rebirth 1-present + rebirth
Batgirl and birds of Prey 1-present + rebirth
Batman and Harley Quinn
Deadman 2018
Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica
Black Lightning – Cold Dead Hands
Gotham City Garage
Nightwing – The New Order
Damian Son of Batman 1-4
Forever evil Arkham war 1-5
Gotham Academy 1-18 + annual + endgame
Lumberjanes – Gotham Academy 1-6
Gotham Academy – Second Semester 1-3
Sixpack and Dogwelder – Hard Travelin’ Heroz 1-3
Gotham_by_Midnight 1-12
Grayson 1-20 + annuals 1-2 + Future’s end
Ace the Bat-hound archives (it includes Ace’s appearances on Batman and Detective comics)
Anarky v1 1-4
Anarky v2 1-8
Arkham asylum in living hell 1-6
Azrael v1 1-100, annuals 1-3
Azrael v2 1-18
Azrael death’s dark knight 1-3
Azrael and Ash
Azrael plus the Question
Batgirl v1 1-73
Batgirl v2 1-6
Batgirl v3 1-24
Batgirl v4 0-40 + annual
Batgirl year one 1-9
Ghost/Batgirl 1-4
Batgirl adventures one shot
Batgirl secret files and origins
Batman Batgirl
Batman Batgirl girlfrenzy
Elseworlds finest Supergirl/Batgirl
Batgirl: Barbara Gordon archives 1-2 (A compilation of Batgirl’s (Barbara Gordon) appearances on Batman, Detective comics + more)
Batgirl special #1 (1988)
Batman and The Outsiders v1 1-32 + annual 1-2
Batman and The Outsiders v2 1-15 + special (2009)
The Outsiders v1 1-28 + Annual 1 + Special crossover with Infinity inc is included
The Outsiders v2 0-24
The Outsiders v3 1-50 + annual 1
The Outsiders Five of a kind 1-5
The Outsiders/Checkmate Checkout 1-6
Batman beyond v1 1-6
Batman beyond v2 1-10
Batman beyond v3 1-6
Batman beyond v4 1-8
Batman beyond v5 1-29
Batman Beyond 2.0 1
Batman beyond Unlimited 1-18
The Batman family v1 1-20
The Batman family v2 1-8
Batwing 0-22
Batwoman 0-40
Batwoman Kathy Kane Archives 1-2 (compilation of the Earth-two Batwoman’s appearances on Batman and Detective)
Batwoman elegy
Birds of prey v1 1-127
Birds of prey v2 1-15
Birds of prey v3 0-22
Birds of prey Manhunt 1-4
Birds of prey Catwoman & Oracle 1-2
Birds of prey Black Canary and Batgirl
Birds of prey Black Canary and Oracle
Birds of prey Black Canary and Oracle One man’s hell
Birds of prey Black Canary and Oracle Revolution
Birds of prey Black Canary and Oracle Wolves
Birds of prey the Ravens
Birds of prey Secret files and origins
Black lightning v1 1-11 + Cancelled comics cavalcade 1-2
Black lightning v2 1-13
Black lightning year one 1-6
Battle for Bludhaven 1-6
Catwoman v1 1-94 + annuals 1-4
Catwoman v2 1-82
Catwoman v3 0-40 + annual
Catwoman mini-series 1-4
Catwoman/Wildcat 1-4
Claws of the Catwoman 1-4
Catwoman Guardian of Gotham 1-2
Catwoman: Selinas big score
Catwoman/Vampirella the Furies
Catwoman When in Rome 1-6
Catwoman the movie
Catwoman’s Catnapping Caper (Kelloggs Poptarts)
The Essential Creeper 1-4 (Compilation of all the Creeper’s appearances in Showcase, the Creeper v1, Detective comics, Adventure comics, Creeper v2 + more)
The Esssential Brave new world Creeper
Deadman mini-series (1985) 1-7
Deadman mini-series (1986) 1-4
Deadman mini-series (2002) 1-9
Deadman dead again 1-5
Deadman Exorcism 1-2
Deadman love after death 1-2
Deadman (vertigo) 1-13
Strange Adventures 205-216
Dc universe presents 1-5
GCPD 1-4
Gordon’s law 1-4
Gordon of Gotham 1-4
Bullock’s law
Gotham central 1-40
Harley Quinn 1-38
Batman: Harley Quinn
The Essential Huntress 1-9 (Compilation of all the Huntress appearances from Detective, Birds of prey, Huntress v1 and v2 + more)
Batman: Huntress/Spoiler Blunt Trauma
Batman/Huntress cry for blood 1-6
Huntress 1-2 (2011)
Joker 1-9
The man who laughs
Joker’s apprentice
Batman beyond the return of the Joker
Joker Switch
Harley Quinn: No man’s land
Azarello’s Joker
The complete Joker last laugh event Archives 1-3
Joker: the devil’s advocate
Joker’s Asylum v1 1-5
Joker’s Asylum v2 1-5
Knight and squire 1-6
Manbat v1 1-2
Manbat v2 1-3
Manbat v3 1-6
manhunter v1 the special edition
manhunter v2 1-24
manhunter v3 1-12
manhunter v4 1-38
metamorpho v1 1-17
metamorpho v2 1-4
metamorpho year one 1-6
Nemesis: The impostors 1-4
Nightwing v1 1-4
Nightwing v2 0.5-153 + annuals 1-2 + 1 million
Nightwing v3 0-22
Nightwing v Alfred’s return
Flash plus Nightwing
Nightwing secret files and origins
Nightwing the Target
Nightwing 80 page giant
Penguin: Pain and prejudice 1-5
The Essential Ragman archives 1-3 (compilation of Ragman’s appearances from Ragman v1 and v2, Ragman cry for blood, Brave and the bold + more)
Red hood the lost days 1-6
Red hood and the outlaws 0-40
Red Robin 1-26
Robin v1 1-5
Robin v2 1-4
Robin v3 1-6
Robin v4 0-183 + annuals 1-7
Robin year one 1-4
Robin 3000 1-2
Robin 80 page giant
Robin and Argent double shot
WF3 Superboy & Robin 1-2
Batman fortunate son
Batman & Robin the teen wonder zero
Robin 80 page giant
Robin & spoiler special
Star spangled comics (Robin appearances) 65-130
Gotham city sirens 1-26
The Question v1 1-37+annuals 1-2
The Question v2 1-6
The Question quaterly 1-5
52 Aftermath – Crime Bible – The Five Lessons of Blood 1-5
Blue bettle (1967) 1-5
The L.A.W. 1-6
Charlton bullseye 1-10
Showcase ’95 3
Tangent: JLA
Americomics special
Flashpoint: Deadman & the flying Graysons 1-3
Hitman 1-60, 1 million + annual 1997 + The Demon annual 2 (Hitman first app.) + Batman chronicles #4 + Superman 80 page giant 1999 (Hitman and Sixpack apps)
JLA/Hitman 1-2
Hitman/Lobo that stupid bastich
Legends of the DC universe 6,10-11,26-27 (Batman family members apps)
Showcase ’93 1-12
Showcase ’94 1-12
Gotham girls 1-5
Secret origins 6,13,15,18,20,22,26,36,39,44 + special (1989)
Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 1-18
Richard Dragon 1-12
The Demon v1 1-16
The Demon v2 1-4
The Demon v3 0-58 + annuals 1-2
Blood of the Demon 1-17
The Demon – Driven Out 1-6
Demon Knights 0-22
All-Star Western v2 1-11
All Star Western v1 (new 52) 0-24
Jonah Hex v1 1-92
Jonah Hex v2 1-70
Jonah Hex Spectacular (1978)
Weird Western Tales v1 12-70
Jonah Hex – No Way Back
Jonah Hex – Riders of the Worm 1-5
Jonah Hex – Shadows West 1-3
Jonah Hex – Two Gun Mojo 1-5
Hex 1-18
Batlash v1 1-7
Guns of the Dragon-1-4
Bat Lash(2008) v2 1-6
+ tons more

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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