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Hack/Slash the ultimate Digital Comic collection on 4 DVDs

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Hack/Slash the ultimate Digital Comic collection on 4 DVDs

This set includes:
Hack/Slash v1 1-32
Hack/Slash v2 1-25
Hack-Slash Annual – Suicide Girls
Hack-Slash vs Chucky
Army_of_Darkness_vs._Hack-Slash 1-2
Hack-Slash – Land of Lost Toys 1-3
Hack-Slash – My First Maniac 1-4
Hack-Slash_Annual 2010-2011
Hack-Slash-Eva – Monster’s Ball 1-4
Bomb Queen v1 1-4
Bomb Queen v2 1-3
Bomb Queen v3 1-4
Bomb Queen v4 1-4
Bomb Queen v5 1-6
Bomb Queen v6 1-4
Bomb Queen v7 1-2
Bomb Queen Presents – All Girl Comics
Bomb Queen vs Blacklight
Hack Slash – Comic book carnage
Hack Slash – Entry Wounds
Hack Slash – New Reader Halloween Treat
Hack Slash – The Final Revenge of Evil Ernie
Hack Slash Meets Zombies Vs Cheerleaders
Hack_Slash_-_Trailers 1-2
Hack-Slash – Euthanized
Hack-Slash – Girls Gone Dead
Hack-Slash – Holiday_Special_2011
Hack-Slash – Me_Without_You
Hack-Slash – Slice Hard Pre-Sliced 25-Cent Special
Chucky 1-4
Flipbook 2007
Hack Slash Annual (Suicide Girls Issue) 2008
spin psycho (Suicide Girls Issue)
The Living Corpse Annual 01 2009
+a lot more

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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