The House of Mystery ultimate comic collection on 8 DVDs


The House of Mystery ultimate comic collection on 8 DVDs

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This set includes the following:
JUstice League Dark v1 1-40 + annuals 1-2 + future’s end
JUstice League Dark v2 1-present
House Of Mystery-1-321
House of Mystery v2 1-42 + preview
House_of_Mystery_v2_Halloween_Annual 1-2
Elvira Mistress of the Dark Press Kit
Elvira’s House of Mystery Special 001-Haunted Holidays
Horrorhound 2009 special
Marvel Spring Special 001-Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Movie
House of Mystery Eduardo Barreto-original art Unpub 6p story, ”Down by the Riverside”
House of Mystery Unpublished Complete 10-Pg Story
Welcome Back The House Of Mystery 001 (1998)
I, Vampire 0-19
Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 1-15
Eclipso 1-18 + annual
The_Complete_Eclipso_Event 1-4
House of Secrets 1-154
House of Secrets v2 (aka v3) 1-25
House of Secrets Facade 1-2
Plop! 1-24
Plop! unused Mayer story
Plop 001 (Millennium Edition)
Ghosts 1-112
Ghosts (2012)
Secrets of Haunted House 1-46
The Sinister House of Secret Love 1-4
Secrets of Sinister House 5-18
Star Spangled comics (Dr. 13) 122-130
Tales of Ghost Castle 1-3
Madame Xanadu 1-12
National Comics Madame X
Doorway to Nightmare 1-6
Tales of the Unexpected 1-122
Tales of the Unexpected v2 (2011)
Super DC Giant S-23-Unexpected
Blue Devil 01-31 + annual
Day of Vengeance [01-06]
Day of Vengeance – Infinite Crisis Special 01 (2006)
Flashpoint- The World of Flashpoint 1-3
Phantom Stranger v1 1-6
Phantom Stranger v2 1-42
Phantom Stranger v3 1-4
Phantom Stranger v4 1-12
Shadowpact 1-25
The Witching Hour v1 1-85
The Witching Hour v2 1-3
The Witching Hour v3 (2013)
Vertigo Visions 1-6
Weird Mystery Tales 1-24
Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 60-63 (Plop)
DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #04
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest 6,17,20,24
DC Special Series v1 4,7
DC Special Series v2 12
DC Special Series v4 21
DC Super-Stars 018-Deadman Phantom Stranger
DC_Special 4,11
Showcase 80
Super DC Giant S-20-House of Mystery
Super DC Giant S-23-Unexpected
The Essential Dial ‘H’ For Hero 1-11
H.E.R.O. 1-22
Dial H 0-12
Silver Age 05 Dial H for Hero
Justice League 23.3 – Dial E (2013)
Rex 1-46 (Detective Chimp back-up stories)
Helmet Of Fate-Detective Chimp
Secret Origins 040
Reign in Hell 1-8
+ more

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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