Thor comics on a 9 dvd digital set.

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Thor comics on a 9 dvd digital set.

This set includes:
Thor 2018 1-present
Asgardians of the Galaxy 1-present
War of the Realms 1-present
War Of The Realms – Journey Into Mystery 1-present
War Of The Realms – New Agents Of Atlas 1-present
War of the Realms – Punisher 1-present
War Of The Realms – Uncanny X-Men 1-present
War of the Realms Strikeforce
Thor v1 126-502 annuals 1-19
Thor v2 1-85 annuals 1999-2001
Thor v3 1-12, 600-621+620.1, annual 1
The mighty Thor (2011) 1-8
Journey into Mystery -1,83-125, 503-521, 622-631
Astonishing Thor 1-5
Secret invasion Thor 1-3
Balder the brave 1-4
Beta Ray Bill Stormbreaker 1-6
Beta Ray Bill Secret invasion aftermath
Beta Ray Bill Godhunter 1-3
Chaos war Thor 1-2
Heaven & Earth 1-4
Loki v1 1-4
Loki v2 1-4
Thor the mighty avenger 1-8
Thunderstrike v1 1-24
Thunderstrike v2 1-5
Ultimate Thor 1-4
Warriors Three 1-4
Marvel spotlight 30 Warriors three
Marvel fanfare 34-37 (featuring the Warriors Three) just added 12/1
Blood oath 1-6
Ancient Asgard trilogy
The rage of Thor
The trial of Thor
Man of war
The truth of history
Wolves of the north
Reign of blood
Ages of thunder
Thor corps 1-4
Thor first thunder 1-5
Thor for Asgard 1-6
Godstorm 1-3
Thor Son of Asgard 1-12
Thor vikings 1-5
Thor and the warriors four 1-4
Marvel spotlight Thor 2007
Thor God-size special
Thor & Hercules Encyclopedia mythologica
Marvel superheroes spring special 1991
Bizarre adventures 32
Iron man & Thor God complex 1-4
FCBD Iron man & Thor 2010
FCBD Captain America & Thor 2011
Captain America & Thor Avengers one shot
Thor MCG Friendly fire
Marvel preview 10
The Raven’s banner- A tale of Asgard GN
I whom the gods would destroy GN
Thor giant-size finale
Thor whosoever wields this hammer
Thor: the deviant saga 1
Fear itself 7.2 Thor

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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