The Tomb of Dracula ultimate Digital Comic collection on 4 DVDs


The Tomb of Dracula ultimate Digital Comic collection on 4

This set includes:
Arrgh v1 1-5
Blade the Vampire Hunter v1 1-10
Blade The Movie
Marvel_Preview 3,8 (Blade apps.)
Blade – Crescent City Blues
Blade – Sins of the Father Theatrical Preview
Blade – Sins of the Father
Blade v1 0.5,1-3
Blade – Vampire Hunter v1 1-6
Blade 2 – Movie Adaptation
Blade v2 1-6
Blade the Vampire-Slayer – Black & White
Marvel Milestones – Blade, Man-Thing & Satana
Blade v3 1-12
Bloodstone 1-4
Marvel Monsters- From The Files Of Ulysses Bloodstone (And The Monster Hunters)
Book of the Dead 1-4
Darkhold – Pages from the Book of Sins 1-16
Dead_of_Night_Featuring_Devil-Slayer 1-4
Dracula (2010) 1-4
Dracula – Lord of the Undead 1-3
Dracula – Vlad the Impaler 1-3
Dracula Lives 1-13+annual
Dracula vs King Arthur 1-4
Dracula_-_The_Company_of_Monsters 1-12
Dracula_vs_Zorro 1-2
Dracula’s Revenge 1-2
Essential Tomb of Dracula 1-3
Fear itself Hulk vs Dracula 1-3
Frankenstein 1-18
Giant-Size Chillers v1 1
Giant-Size Creatures v1 1
Giant-Size Dracula v1 2-5
Giant-Size Werewolf by night v1 2-5
I Am Legion by Fabien Nury and John Cassaday 1-6
Impaler I 1-3
Impaler II 1-5
Legion_Of_Monsters (1975)
Man-Thing v1 1-22
Man-Thing v2 1-11
Man-Thing v3 1-8
Man-Thing v4 1-3
Giant-Size Man-Thing v1 1-5
Adventure into fear 10-19
Dead of Night – Man-Thing 1-4
Infernal_Man_Thing 1-3
Marvel Zombies 1 1-5
Marvel Zombies 2 1-5
Marvel Zombies 3 1-4
Marvel Zombies 4 1-4
Marvel Zombies 5 1-5
Marvel Zombies Tie-In, Black Panther (v4) #27-31
Marvel Zombies Destroy 1-5
Marvel Zombies Return 1-5
Marvel Zombies Supreme 1-5
Marvel Zombies ultimate FF 21-23,30-32
Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness 1-5
Marvel Zombies, Dead Days (One-Shot)
Marvel Zombies – The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities
Marvel Zombies Halloween
Monsters Of The Movies 1-5 + annual
Monsters Unleashed 1-11 + annual
Nightstalkers 1-18
Requiem For Dracula
Power Records PR-14 – Frankenstein – The Monster of Frankenstein
Power Records PR-15 – Dracula – Terror In The Snow
Power Records PR-16 – Man-Thing – Night of The Laughing Dead
Power Records PR-17 – The Werewolf – The Curse of The Werewolf
Marvel Classics Comics Series featuring Dracula v1 009
Marvel Classics Comics Series featuring Frankenstein v1 020
Marvel Preview v1 012
Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstien
Curse of the Mutants – X-Men v Vampires 1-2
Dracula – Dell – 1982
Dracula – World_Order_-_The_Beginning
Generation X – Annual – 1998
Giant-Size Spider-Man 01
Horror 2005
Marvel Legacy – 1970’s Handbook
Monster-Size Hulk #1
Frankenstein’s Womb
Angel_Vs_ Frankenstein (2009)
Angel_Vs_ Frankenstein II
The Death of Dracula
Tomb of Dracula Presents – Throne of Blood (2011)
Uncanny X-Men Annual 06
Spike vs Dracula 1-5
Stoker’s Dracula 1-4
Supernatural Thrillers-3,5-15 (the living Mummy)
Supernaturals 1-4
Sword Of Dracula 1-6
Tales of the Zombie 1-10 + annual
Terror Inc 1-13
St. George 1-4
Terror, Inc. – Apocalypse Soon 1-4
The Complete Dracula 1-5
The Frankenstein Dracula War 1-3
The Zombie Simon Garth 1-4
The_Dracula_Chronicles 1-3
Vampirella_Vs._Dracula 1-6
captain britain and MI13 8-15
Frankenstein-Alive–Alive 1-2
Marvel Monsters – Fin Fang Four
Marvel Monsters – Monsters on the Prowl
Marvel Monsters – Where Monsters Dwell
Top Cow Monster War 1-4
Morbius 1-32
Marvel Premiere 28 legion of monsters
Legion of Monsters – Man-Thing
Legion of Monsters – Morbius
Legion of Monsters – Satana
Legion of Monsters – Werewolf by Night
Legion of Monsters 1-4 (2011-2012)
Adventure Into Fear 20-31
Prophecy 1-4
Tomb Of Dracula 1-70
Tomb of Dracula Magazine 1-6
Tomb of Dracula Book 1-4
Tomb of Dracula (2005) 1-4
Vampire Tales 1-11 + annual
Wedding of Dracula
Werewolf by Night v1 1-43
Werewolf by Night v2 1-6
Dead_Of_Night_Featuring_Werewolf_By_Night 1-4
Marvel_Spotlight_v1 2-4
X-men-Apocalypse vs Dracula 1-4
Zombie MAX 1-4
Just added 7/27/13
Morbius_-_The_Living_Vampire 1-6
Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein – Prodigal Son v1 1-5
Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein – Prodigal Son v2 1-5
Bram Stoker’s Death Ship
The_Song_Of_The_Vampires 1-13
+ more

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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