The Tarzan digital comic collection on 8 DVDs


The Tarzan digital comic collection on 8 DVDs

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This set includes the following:
Red Sonja – Tarzan 1-6
Tarzan (2015)
Batman_-_Tarzan-Claws_of_the_Catwoman 1-4
Burroughs Bulletin 1-13,15-19,21,30,34,36-38,40,65-68
Jungle Tales of Tarzan 1-4
Korak 1-59
Lord of the jungle 1-15 + annual
Elseworlds-Superman Tarzan 1-3
Tarzan (Dell) 1-131 + jungle annual 1-7
Tarzan of the Apes 132-206 (After Dell 131)(Gold Key)
Tarzan (DC) 207-258
Tarzan Family (After Korak 059)DC 60-66
Tarzan (Dark Horse) 1-20
Tarzan (Marvel) 1-29 + annuals 1-3
Tarzan of the Apes (Marvel) 1-2
Dell Giant 025-Tarzan’s Jungle World.cbr
Dell Giant 037-Tarzan King of the Jungle ctc (1960).cbr
Four Color Comics 0134-Tarzan.cbr
Four Color Comics 0161-Tarzan.cbr
Tarzan the Beckoning 1-7
Tarzan the Warrior 1-5
Tarzan vs Predator 1-4
Tarzan_Adventures v3 2,3,7,12,31
Tarzan_Adventures v5 4
Tarzan_Adventures v6 32,33
Tarzan_Adventures v7 30
Tarzan_Adventures v9 5,29,30
Tarzan-Carson of Venus 1-4
Tarzan-John Carter, Warlords of Mars 1-4
Tarzan-Loves Lies and the Lost City 1-4
Tarzan-The Grand Adventure Comic v02 4,6,8,10,12,26,29
Tarzan-The Lost Adventure 1-4
Tarzan-The River of Blood 1-4
Tarzan-The Savage Heart 1-4
The Return of Tarzan 1-3
Weird Worlds 1-9
Tarzan Cards 001 66-Missing 06,24,31 33,37,45 47(1966).cbr
Tarzan Trading Cards (Banner(1966).cbr
D135 _ jc44. Tarzan Tells His Story, Part I.cbr
Hogarth and Burroughs-Tarzan of the Apes.cbr
Korak-Son of Tarzan 100 Australian (Top Sellers(1975).cbr
March of Comics 125-Tarzan (1954).cbr
Tarzan 001 (11-06-1977).cbr
Tarzan 001 (Kiran Publications(1979).cbr
Tarzan Monthly (1977).cbr
Tarzan Monthly 001 (UK).cbr
Tarzan Monthly 1-2
Tarzan of the Apes (17-09-1971).cbr
Tarzan of the Apes 019 (11-12-1971).cbr
Tarzan Weekly (17-09-1977) shrunk.cbr
Tarzan, Apornas Son Series 015-The Little Warrior.cbr
Tarzan-Fighting Apes & Horror In the Swamp.cbr
01 Worshipers of the Shark God (11-13-50 to 01-23-51).cbr
02 Luanda City of Intrigue (01-24-51 to 04-04-51).cbr
03 The Cannibals (04-05-51 to 06-08-51).cbr
04 The Copper Mine (06-09-51 to 08-25-51).cbr
05 The Hunter (08-27-51 to 10-15-51).cbr
06 The Pirates (10-16-51 to 012-22-51).cbr
07 The Loggers (03-17-52 to 005-15-52).cbr
08 The City of Zimba (05-16-52 to 08-09-52).cbr
09 The Inheritance (08-11-52 to 10-13-52).cbr
10 The Skull Clan (10-14-52 to 01-16-53).cbr
11 The Rogue Elephant (01-17-53 to 03-23-53).cbr
12 The Foreign Legion (03-25-53 to 05-21-53).cbr
13 The Foaming Death (05-22-53 to 08-11-53).cbr
14 The Terror of Kraka (08-12-53 to 10-22-53).cbr
15 The Insect Men (10-23-53 to xx-xx-54).cbr
Tarzan-Russ Manning Dailies:
1 – Korak and the Tyrant xx-xx-73 to 3-3-74 (Incomplete)
02 The Romans 03-10-1974 to 11-03-1974(i)
03 The Glowing Mists 11-10-1974 to xx-xx-1975(i)
04 The Rebel Army xx-xx-1977 to xx-xx-1977(i)
05 The Jewel of Pellucidar-xx-xx-1978 to 01-21-1979(i)
06 The International Athletic Competition-01-28-1979 to 06-24-1979
Gil Kane:
03-09-1980 to 07-13-1980 Tarzan-The Sankura Princess Survivors (Gil Kane)
07-01-1979 to 09-09-1979 Tarzan-The Runaway (Gil Kane)
07-20-1980 to 11-02-1980 Tarzan-Zugor the Ape (Gil Kane)
09-16-1979 to 12-02-1979 Tarzan-The Man Eater (Gil Kane)
11-09-1980 to 02-01-1981 Tarzan-The Super Race (Gil Kane)
12-09-1979 to 03-02-1980 Tarzan-Refuge From the Rich and Famous (Gil Kane) (alternate scans)
12-09-1979 to 03-02-1980 Tarzan-Refuge From the Rich and Famous (Gil Kane)
Gray Morrow:
59 Tarzan’s Trip to New York 11-23-1997 to 03-08-1998(i)
60 D’arnot’s Fiance 03-15-1998 to 07-05-1998
61 Movie Brats 07-12-1998 to 10-11-1998(i)
62 The Night People 10-18-1998 to 01-31-1999
63 Jane’s Quest 02-07-1999 to 05-23-1999
64 Tarzan and the New Atlantis 05-30-1999 to 09-12-1999
65 The Face in the Sun 09-19-1999 to 01-02-2000
66 The Roof of the World 01-09-2000 to 04-23-2000
67 Flight From Pellucidar 04-30-2000 to 08-13-2000
68 Two Tribes Race 08-20-2000 to 11-26-2000
69 The Tree of Life 12-03-2000 to 03-18-2001
70 The Face of Death 03-25-2001 to 07-08-2001
71 To Capture A King 07-15-2001 to 08-19-2001
Eric Battle:
01 Last Man Standing 8-26-01 to 12-30-01
02 Day of the Hunter 01-6-2002 to 05-19-2002
Single Series 020-Tarzan
Young Tarzan
The Lost Continent (2010 GN)
The People That Time Forgot (2010 GN)
The Illustrated Tarzan Books 013
Marvel Super Special v1 029
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan the Untamed.cbz
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan-A Tales of Mugambi (1995).cbr
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan-Carson of Venus TPB (1999).cbr
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (Russ Manning)(1999).cbr
Tarzan and the Monster Men-from Tarzan Weekly 02-03 (1977).cbr
Tarzan Digest (DC.cbr
Tarzan In the Land That Time Forgot & The Pool of Time ctc (1996).cbr
Tarzan of the Apes by Burne Hogarth (1972) (TPB).cbr
Tarzan vs Predator at the Earth’s Core TPB (1997).cbr
The Once & Future Tarzan.cbr
Gold Key – John Carter of Mars 1-3
John Carter – A Princess of Mars 1-5
John Carter – Gods Of Mars 1-5
John Carter – The World of Mars 1-4
John Carter Warlord of Mars (Marvel) 1-28 + annual 1-3
Lords_Of_Mars 1-5
Warlord of Mars 1-30 + annual
Warlord of Mars – Dejah Thoris 1-33
Warlord of Mars – Dejah Thoris Vol.1 – The Colossus of Mars
Warlord of Mars – Fall of Barsoom 1-5
Warriors of Mars 1-5
Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars 1-8
Dejah Thoris and the White Apes of Mars 1-4
Warlord Of Mars – Dejah Thoris Vol. 01 (2011 TPB)
Warlord Of Mars – Dejah Thoris Vol. 02__2012_TPB
Warlord Of Mars TPB Volume 01_(2011)
Warlord Of Mars TPB Volume 02 (2012)
Warlord_Of_Mars_-_Fall_Of_Barsoom_ TPB
+ more

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