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Batman the Bat Digital Comic collection on a 32 DVD set. Updated weekly!!

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Batman the Bat Digital Comic collection on 32 DVDs.

Updated Weekly!!!

This set includes the following:

Batman Rebirth
Batman v3 1-present + annual
Dark Night Metal 1-14
All-Star Batman 1-present
Detective Comics 934-present
Batman – White Knight 1-8
Batman & the Signal 1-3
Bane – Conquest 1-8
The Brave and the Bold – Batman and Wonder Woman 1-4
Batman – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II 1-6
Batman – Sins of the Father 1-8
Batman – Creature of the Night 1-3
Batman – The Shadow – The Murder Geniuses
Dark_Knight_III-_The_Master_Race 1-present
Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs Peel
The Dark Knight Returns – The Last Crusade (2016)
Batman – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures
Dark Night – A True Batman Story
Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77
Detective Comics 0, 1-881, 1 million
Detective comics annual 1-12
Detective Comics v2 1-52 + annuals 1-2 + 23.1-23.4
Batman 0-713, 1 million + Wizard special 616.5
Batman annual 1-28
Batman the 10 cent adventure
Batman the 12 cent adventure (just added 12/6)
Batman V2 1-52 + annuals 1-2 + 23.1-23.4
Legends of the Dark Knight 0-214
Legends Of The Dark Knight Annual 1-7
Legends Of The Dark Knight-Halloween Special 1-3
Legends of the Dark Knight v2 1-79
Shadow Of The Bat 0-94, 1,000,000
Shadow Of The Bat Annual 1-5
Gotham Knights 1-74
Batman Chronicles 1-23,
Batman Chronicles the Gauntlet
Batman Chronicles Gallery
Batman Confidential 1-53
All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder 1-10
Batman and Robin 1-26
Batman & Robin v2 1-31
Streets of Gotham 1-21
Batman Inc v1 1-8
Batman inc v2 1-13 + Special
Batman the Dark Knight v1 1-5
Batman the Dark Knight v2 1-31
Batman confidential 1-54
Brave and the Bold 1-200, special 1 + annual 1
The Dark Knight Returns 10th anniversary edition + DK
strikes again 1-4
Batman adventures 1-36, FCBD
Batman adventures annual 1-2
Batman adventures v2 1-17
Batman adventures Mad love
Batman And Robin Adventures 1-25
Batman And Robin Adventures Annual 1-2
Batman And Robin Adventures Sub-zero
80-Page Giant 1-3, 2010, 2010-2011, 2011
Year 100 1-4
Battle For The Cowl 1-3
Azrael death’s dark knight 1-3
Bruce Wayne The road home 1-8
Black And White v1 1-4, v2
Untold legend of Batman 1-3
Return of Bruce Wayne 1-6
Batman vs. Predator 1-3
Batman vs. Predator II 1-4
Batman vs. Predator III 1-4
Batman-Toyman 1-4
Judge Dredd judgement on Gotham
Judge Dredd die laughing 1-2
Judge Dredd the ultimate riddle
Judge Dredd vendetta in gotham
Dark Knight of the Round table 1-2
Harley and ivy 1-3
Haunted Gotham 1-4
Jekyll and Hyde 1-6
outlaws 1-3
Ras AlGhul year one 1-2
Birth of the demon
Bride of the demon
Son of the demon
Tenses 1-2
Toyman 1-4
Arkham asylum tales of madness
Dracula red rain
Crimson mist
& Nightwing bloodborne
versus Lobo
Green Arrow The poison Tomorrow
Full Circle
Haunted knight
Holy Terror
Master of the future
Mr. Freeze
Scar of the Bat
The Return
Batman : Ego
Darkest Knight
Road to Arkham Asylum
The scottish connection
Batman and Captain america
Arkham Asylum
Castle of the bat
Batman and danger Girl
Nine Lives
Batman and the darkness
versus the Hulk
Daredevil eye for an eye
Daredevil king of NYC
Dark allegiances
Batman/Demon a tragedy
Gotham Noir
Two Faces
Harley quinn
Hong Kong
Houdini the devil’s workshop
the blue, the grey and the bat
Darkest knight
county line 1-3
League of Batmen 1-2
Vengeance of Bane
Vengeance of Bane 2
The cult 1-4
Time masters vanishing point 1-6
The Killing Joke
Bruce Wayne the road home 1-8
The long Halloween
Dark victory
Mad Monk 1-6
versus the Monster men 1-6
The dailies 1943-1946
The Sunday classics 1943-1946
Batman special The Wrath
Two Face strikes twice 1-2
versus Aliens I and II
Batman the Spirit
Dark detective 1-6
Villains Secret files and origins 1998 & 2005
Allies Secret files and origins 2005
Secret files and origins 1997
Gotham city Secret files and origins
No man’s land 0-1, Secret files and origins, gallery
Blackgate isle of men cataclysm
The unseen 1-5
vengeance of Bane I & II
Bane of the Demon 1-4
Batman the brave and the bold 1-22
Batman Gotham adventures 1-60
Batman Odyssey v1 1-6
Batman Odyssey v2 1-7(just added 5/14)
DC Retroactive Batman of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
Dynamic Classics 1
Back issue #50 Batman in the bronze age issue
Abduction I & II
Ankh 1-2
Batman masterpieces portraits of the Dark knight and his world
Death and the maidens 1-9
Batman/Deathblow After the Fire 1-3
Flashpoint: Batman knight of vengeance 1-3
Gates of Gotham 1-5
Gotham county line 1-3
Gotham knights II 1-4
Gotham underground 1-9
Batman/Grendel I 1-2
Batman/Grendel II 1-2
Batman, Hellboy & Starman 1-2
Journey into Knight 1-12
3D Batman (1966)
Hidden treasures
Batman the complete history by Les Daniels
Batman/Spidey disordered minds
Batman/Spidey new age dawning
Batman 3D (1990)
Night cries
Dark knight dynasty
Batman and Cal Ripken jr
Batman and other DC classics
Batman & Robin in the Cheetah caper
Batman & Robin the official movie adaptation
Batman begins the official movie adaptation
Batman gallery (1992)
Batman meets Dr No-face
Batman plus Arsenal
Batman the Jam packed action
Batman/Poison Ivy cast shadows
Batman DOA
fortunate son
Haunted Knight
Batman/Mr Freeze
Scarface A psychodrama
The Chalice
The order of beasts
Batman the ultimate guide to the dark knight
Batman Arkham city digital 1-7
Batman Arkham city unhinged 1-35 (just added 7/14)
Batman Arkham city endgame 1-6 (just added 7/14)
A word to the Wise
Batman animated series guide
Bane zero
Batman claritin giveaway
Batman/Deadman death & glory
Death of innocents
Digital justice
Batman/Doc Savage special
Batman dreamland
Gotham by gaslight
Harvest breed
Knight gallery
Batman & Phantom Stranger
Reign of terror
The Riddle factory
Room full of strangers
Batman/Scarecrow 3D
The golden streets of Gotham
The hill
The last Angel
Batman & the Spirit
Batcave companion
War on crime
War drums
First Wave 1-6
Batman in Barcelona- Dragon’s Knight
Batman Strikes! 1-50
Batman the black casebook
Dark tomorrow 1-2
Batman city of light 1-8
Blackest night Batman 1-3
Batman George Perez portfolio
Encyclopedia of comic book heroes v1 Batman
Batman & me by Bob Kane
The OMAC project 1-6
Batman’s vault
Batman Saga of Ra’s Al Ghul 1-4 (just added 12/6)
Batman Gotham Nights 1-4 (1992) (just added 12/6)
Batman the ultimate evil 1-2 (just added 12/6)
Batman legends of the Dark Knight special (just added 12/6)
Batman Nosferatu (just added 12/6)
Batman day of judgement (just added 12/6)
Batman/Lobo deadly serious 1-2 (just added 12/6)
Secret origins (1986) 6 (just added 12/6)
Batman: Noel (just added 12/7)
Greatest Batman stories ever told v1 and v2 (just added 12/251)
Batman incorporated Leviathan strikes 1(just added 12/251)
Frank Miller’s Holy terror
Scratch 1-5(just added 5/14)
Batman – Aftershock
Batman – Bruce Wayne murderer
Batman – Cataclysm
Batman – Contagion
Batman – No Man’s Land vol. 1-4
Batman – Road To No Man’s Land vol.1-2
Batman – Prelude to Knightfall
Batman – Knightfall – 25th Anniversary Edition v1
Batman – Knightfall – 25th Anniversary Edition v2

+ a lot more

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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