Superman the Super Digital Comic collection on a 23 DVD set. Updated weekly!!

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Superman the Super Digital Comic collection on 23 DVDs.

Updated Monthly!!!

This set includes the following:

Man of Steel (2018) 1-6
Superman – Leviathan Rising Special 001
Superman – The Golden Age 1-4
Action Comics – 80 Years of Superman The Deluxe Edition
Superman – Kryptonite – The Deluxe Edition
Superman by Mark Millar
Superman in Exile
Trinity – The Deluxe Edition
Superman – Rebirth
Superman_-_Lois_&_Clark 1-8
Superwoman 1-8
Superman/Wonder Woman 1-7
Action Comics 0-904,
Annuals 1-11
Action comics v2 0-52
Action Comics v3 957-present
Superman v.1 1-423, 650-714
Annuals 1-12
The Man of Steel 0-134,
Annuals 1-6
Adventures of Superman v1 0,424-649, 1,000,000
Annuals 1-11
Superman v2 0-226, 1,000,000
Annuals 1-12
Superman v3 0-52 + annual 1-2
Superman v4 1-45 + annual + Special
Superman v5 1-present + giant
The Man of Tomorrow 1-15, 1,000,000
Man of Steel (Byrne) 1-6
New Super-Man 1-7
Secret Origins 1-6
World of Krypton 1-4
World of Smallville 1-4
World of Metropolis 1-4
Superman’s Girldfriend Lois Lane 1-137, annuals 1-2
Lois Lane 1-2
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 1-163
All-star Superman 1-12
War of the Supermen 0-4
Phantom Zone 1-4
Identity 1-4
First Thunder 1-4
War of the worlds
For All Seasons 1-4
Sunday Classics (1939-1943)
The Dailies (1939-1942)
Vs. Doomsday- Hunter prey 1-4
Superman adventures 1-66, annual 1, special, world’s
The Odyssey
Superman and the Fantastic Four
Superman family 164-222
DC comics presents 1-97, annuals 1-4
vs. Aliens 1-3
Dark side
vs. Darkseid
Earth one
1st Lobo, Flash
New Krypton
World of new Krypton 1-12
Last stand of new Krypton 1-3
80 page giant special, 2010, 2011
Flashpoint project Superman 1-3
DC retroactive Superman of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
Kansas sighting 1-2
Lab Rats 1-8
Last family of Krypton 1-3
Mr. Majestic v1 1-4
Mr. Majestic v2 1-9
Mr. Majestic v3 1-17
Alan Moore’s Wildstorm Spotlight – Majestic (just added 10/21)
Guardians of Metropolis 1-4
Superman/Savage Dragon Chicago
Superman/Savage Dragon Metropolis
Agent liberty special
Alpha centurion special
Bizarro world
Superman 3D
The man of steel gallery
Superman gallery
Superman beyond
Superman and the green goblins of Brainiac
Encyclopedia of comic book heroes v3 Superman
Superman the man of steel platinum edition
Steel 0-52 annuals 1-2
Lex Luthor Man of steel 1-5
Lex Luthor the unauthorized biography
Superman the last God of Krypton
Superman Day of Doom
Superman the Doomsday wars
Elseworlds Superman: At earth’s end
Elseworlds Superman: Blood of my ancestors
Elseworlds Superman: Distant fires
Elseworlds Superman: Kal
Elseworlds Superman: King of the world
Elseworlds Superman: Speeding bullets
Elseworlds Superman: Superman inc.
Elseworlds Superman: The dark side
Elseworlds Superman: War of the worlds
Elseworlds Superman’s metropolis
Elseworlds Superman: a nation divided
Elseworlds Superman: Last son on earth 1-2
Elseworlds Superman: the superman monster
Elseworlds Superman: Red son 1-3
Elseworlds Superman: True brit
Elseworlds Superman: Superman & Tarzan 1-3
Superman 10 cent adventure
Superman vs Dracula
Superman end of the century
superman returns prequel 1-4
Superman returns official movie adaptation
Superman vs. predator 1-3
Superman vs. Terminator 1-4
Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor 1-4
Superman & Bugs Bunny 1-4
Tangent comics Superman
Tangent comics Superman’s reign 1-12
Superman & Wonder Woman whom Gods destroy 1-4
Doomsday annual (1995)
Superman: Doomsday is coming
Loose cannon 1-4
Jimmy Olsen one shot (2011)
Wizard the Superman tribute
Superman vs Hollywood by Jake Rossen
Metropolis S.C.U. 1-4
Human defense corps 1-6
Strange adventures 1-8 (Bizarro appearance)
Superman: Metropolis 1-12
Superman: Metropolis secret files and origins 1
Superman: secret files and origins 2004-2005
DC showcase 9-10 (Lois Lane)
Superman: the Earth stealers
Final crisis: Superman beyond 1-2
Legends of the DC universe 1-3, 6, 14, 22-23, 39 (Superman appearances)
Superman & Gen13 1-3
The Next 1-6
Kamandi at earth’s end 1-6
Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the resistance 1-3
Superman Beyond (2012) 1-8
Supermen of America v1 one shot
Supermen of America v2 1-6
A. Bizarro 1-4
Superman_Family_Adventures 1-5
Kamandi 1-61
+ more (including Superman appearances on Alter Ego/Back issues magazines)

NO Actual Paper Comics are Included !!
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